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Limited Promo Pack (2020)

Limited Promo Pack (2020)

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Level up your copies of Dungeon Drop and Tavern Tales!

For Dungeon Drop, this limited mini-expansion includes a special Pyromancer class card and an amazing metal Flame Demon cube that replaces the standard wooden cube included in Dropped Too Deep!

For Tavern Tales, this pack also includes a unique Flame Demon kill feat card and an amazing metal "Dragon Flagon" that replaces the cardboard current player token!


  • 1 metal Flame Demon (replacement huge monster cube)
  • 1 metal Dragon Flagon (replacement active player token)
  • 2 game cards (Pyromancer promo Class card for Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep and Flame Demon promo Feat card for Tavern Tales)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Graham Perkins
Two for the price of one!

This promo pack is great, not just because you are getting an add on for both Tavern Tales and dungeon drop but also metal gaming pieces which add not only weight to the game but also bling! There is nothing like metal components to upgrade your game. The added cards are very good both with fantastic art work work but they are useful in the game. Both games are fantastic to play so they are a great addition to the games.

Michel Romero
Nice purchase

I saw someone else who had it and I really wanted it after seeing them play with it