Tavern Tales

Join us in the tavern, where stories become legends!

Treat Yourselves!

Following your perilous drop into the dungeon, you are called home to the Traveler's Tavern for some warm Gingerbrew and an evening of heroic tales shared with the local rabble. Complete your Dungeon Drop story with Tavern Tales, as you and your companions compare mighty deeds in a strategic game of boasting and one-upmanship!

...join us in the tavern, where stories become legends!

How To Play and Reviews

English Rulebook

This is the latest English rulebook for Tavern Tales.


This was fun! I love little card games, and I love this theme!

Eric Buscemi

Tavern Tales is simple, familiar, and utterly charming!

Rob Kalajian

It’s fun and light, fitting into the Dungeon Drop universe quite well.

Ken Grazier

Tavern Tales is a great addition to the Dungeon Drop series. An awesome push-your-luck experience!

Josh Burall

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