Have a game submission, support request, or general inquiry? See below for details on how to contact Phase Shift Games. Thank you.

Game submissions

Is Phase Shift currently taking submissions? Yes, but please understand we have a very full backlog, so we are unlikely to sign new games unless they perfectly align to our product lines (see below).

What kind of game would Phase Shift be interested in? We currently focus on two primary lines that "push a dimensional envelope":

  • Drop-style games, such as Dungeon Drop and Drop Drive. Games in this line involve drop mechanics that make meaningful use of dropping components, spatial relationships, proximity, etc. We are NOT interested in dexterity games, even though there may be a choice few dexterity elements in some of our games (such as minor flicking abilities in Dungeon Drop).
  • 3D strategy, such as Aetherspire and Slopeside (not yet publicly announced). Games in this line involve a strong form of 3D components or building, where the 3-dimensionality is integral and necessary to drive the game's strategy (meaning, the game would not otherwise work if it was flattened to 2D). We are NOT interested in dexterity games, so the 3D aspects should not require precision placements or balancing mechanics.

How do I submit my game? Please submit a 5 minute intro video describing your game and showing a brief overview of how it's played (production quality of the video and your game prototype are not important at all - a simple phone recording will do!). You must indicate what product line you believe your game aligns to, as described above, or if you believe your game pushes a new dimensional envelope that we have not yet tapped into.

If you also have a sell sheet or rulebook to attach, then please submit this by emailing directly.


Support requests and general inquiries

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email or fill out the form below to create a new support ticket. If you need to attach images or files, please use the email method instead.

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