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50x Half-size Sleeves of Protection (1.75 x 3.5")

50x Half-size Sleeves of Protection (1.75 x 3.5")

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Sleeve away!

Let's face it - many people love to sleeve their game cards! These premium-quality sleeves are precisely sized for the half-size cards in Drop Drive (Explore cards), and everything will still fit in the insert. Sleeves are 100 microns thick and made of transparent CPP.

How many packs do I need?:

  • Drop Drive: 2 packs of these sleeves (as well as 1 pack of poker-size sleeves and 1 pack of full-size sleeves)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike C.
Decent Product, Decent Customer Service, Some Processes Need Improvement

Ordered these on 3/23/2024, initial shipment sent on 4/15/2024 and was lost. Replacement shipment not sent until 5/20/2024 and received on 5/25/2024.

Overall, I am happy with the product I received. 3/5 stars because my interactions with Phase Shift was great, but their backend OSB processes need improvement.

Good: Product is as-advertised, good quality, and I did receive the product. Customer service was responsive to issues and replied back quickly. Everything handled directly by Phase Shift Games has been good. Phase Shift had zero issues in replacing a product which was lost in shipping.

Mixed: The shipping process is too long for something as simple as card sleeves. Even if the product had not been lost in the first shipment, a month between order and being shipped out is too long.

Bad: After being told on 4/30 that my replacement would be sent out, I had to follow back up on 5/15 to get the process moving. There seems to be a disconnect on the backend with the warehouse which handle the process of receiving the orders and performing the shipping. This process needs to be greatly improved.

Very sorry for the delay issues you experienced. Glad you like the product itself, and that you maintain confidence in us (Phase Shift). We have indeed had some back-end issues that we've had to and continue to work through. It also seems like it gets much worse during the time we are doing KS fulfillment... so that's something we're looking at as well.

Whatever the case, know that you can alway reach out to us directly and we'll do whatever we can to assist. Thanks.

Spencer Davis
high quality

sleeves were high quality, just wish the interior was just a little smaller so the fit felt more flush.