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Boblin's Rebellion

Boblin's Rebellion

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Boblin is back with a cunning plan! He’s been rallying hordes of his goblin friends to rise up against the goblin king and his troll guardians. Help Boblin train an army of Stalkers, Stabbers, Slingers, Sparklers, and Screamers, in an attempt to overthrow the evil dungeon overlords once and for all…

…it's time to train your goblins and take back the dungeon!

Boblin's Rebellion is an engine builder with just one, notably volatile resource to manage: Goblins! Start by recruiting simple Stickler and Screamer goblins at camp, and then seek out opportunities to train them into mighty Stabbers, Stalkers, Slingers, and Sparklers. 

Descend into the depths with your fresh goblin army, conquering key rooms throughout the dungeon: Learn new tricks in the mineshaft, establish strategic footholds in the ice caves, and ultimately launch your furious assault upon the goblin king’s lair in the inferno. 

But remember…  goblins are reckless and clumsy. Your finely crafted engine will require constant adjustment as your goblins overuse and destroy the conquered rooms. Adapt to this, and lead the most effective goblin rebellion to earn ultimate fame and be crowned the winner!

  • Continues the storyline of Dungeon Drop and its most beloved, unlikely hero, Boblin!
  • Just one resource to manage: Goblins!
  • Includes 2 mini-expansions: Terrible Trolls and Hero's Help!
  • Includes a full set of heat-printed goblins and trolls for Dungeon Drop!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Charles Penn
    Fun and fast engine builder

    Played with parents and a child (12). We all enjoyed it, and got a hang of the mechanics pretty nicely. It ended up being a close game, with a lot of us trying different experiments.

    Graham Perkins
    Great game game for solo players

    Very good game to puzzle over and to figure out what is the best game play to victory.

    Reviewer avatar
    Trueflight Silverwing
    Another winner

    Cute little game that I knew nothing about when I bought it other than it being another Phase Shift Games game. As always they did not disappoint. A bit different than their other offerings, but an interesting and fun take on an engine builder. Easy to learn and fun to watch your plans fall apart.