Vast obelisks, existing beyond time and space, are believed to represent the very essence of purity and chaos. Powers beyond imagination endlessly summon, shift, and banish these obelisks, igniting massive rifts between dimensions. Through these rifts, Mensors have learned to channel their powers to manipulate this phenomenon. They have come to call this eternal cycle... Obelus.


Strategic strategies in a timeless realm

Obelus is a light-weight, 2-player abstract strategy game, playable in 10-15 minutes. Taking on the role of a powerful Mensor, you will summon obelisk shaped dice onto conflux cards, shift your obelisks according to the number showing, and banish your opponent’s obelisks. Through clever maneuvering, banished obelisks may be reformed, creating a rift that prevents further summoning on that conflux. You win when your opponent cannot legally summon or shift an obelisk!

There are two ways to play Obelus: Pure mode or Chaos mode. Chaos mode involves some dice rolling, adding an element of randomness to the game, whereas Pure mode offers “perfect information” with no randomness.

  • Timeless strategy in a tiny box
  • 2 game modes: Pure and Chaos
  • Premium components, including holographic cards and unique obelisk-shaped dice
  • Gameplay mechanics

    • Rondel
    • Area control
    • Set dice values
  • Awards & achievements

    • "Highly recommend it!" -Lance, Love 2 Hate
  • If you like...

    • Onitama
    • Shobu
    • Gipf
    • Chess

    ...then you'll love Obelus!

English Rulebook

This is the latest English rulebook for Obelus

  • "Lends to itself being a really good game for gamers and non-gamers alike" -Lance, Love 2 Hate

  • "It's a solid, classic abstract strategy experience. I feel like this one hits the nail on the head." -Lance, Love 2 Hate

  • "Little nuances and little choices that you can make in this game, and the decision space fills bigger than what it actually is" -Lance, Love 2 Hate

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