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Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep - Phase Shift Games

Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep

An epic expansion for the premier tabletop "drop-style" game.

Prepare to drop deeper!

Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep features 11 huge monsters, new cubes and tokens, and an all-new coop mode! This expansion also includes the Backer Appreciation bundle from the Kickstarter campaign (the "Thank You" pack, 2nd printing upgrade pack, and deluxe components).

  • Adds 11 huge monsters
  • Full coop game mode
  • New treasure and consumables
  • More races, classes, and quests
  • Mechanics

    • Cooperative game mode
    • Dropping
    • Area enclosure
    • Variable player powers
  • Awards and achievements

    • Unfiltered Gamer - #3 Game of the Year
    • Unfiltered Gamer - Seal of Approval
  • If players like...

    • Crash Octapus
    • Flick 'em Up!

    ...then they will love Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep

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