Drop Drive

Instant Space...  Infinite Possibilities!

Instant Space... ​Infinite Possibilities!

A unique "drop-style"sandbox game for 2-5* players, playable in ​20-30 minutes.

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Prepare Yourselves!

Gather your crew and prepare to explore the vast reaches of infinite space! Your newly installed rocket drive will aid in mining valuable resources from nearby asteroids, while your experimental drop drive will let you jump to distant and unknown depths of space. Orbit strange worlds to sell your cargo, pick up passengers, and collect alien specimens, all while battling unscrupulous pirates hell-bent on profiting off your tireless efforts...  

...it's time to drop into infinite space!

How To Play and Reviews

English Main Rulebook


This game is excellent! Easily the best of the three!!

Michael Wright, Unfiltered Gamer

Drop Drive… I really enjoyed. I found it offered strategy, it offered powers and abilities, and it really didn’t outstay its welcome, while giving me a fun little experience of navigating the galaxy, picking up asteroids, picking up debris, landing on planets, fighting space pirates - all of that, in roughly half an hour.

Alex Radcliffe, BoardGameCo

This game has a lot of fun action to it, and the turns move really fast!

Mark Streed, The Dice Tower

It is pretty neat how strategic you can get in your path, and where you're going to sell, and what aliens you decide to attack on your way. Lot's of fun stuff going on!

Will Meadows, Tantrum House

I really love Dungeon Drop's translation space, but also the wild spinoff that it is! It just works so beautifully well!

Tom Heath, Slickerdrips

This game is a boat-load of fun! There's a ton of stuff I love in this game!

Michael Wright, Unfiltered Gamer

There is so much to love about this game: The theme, the components, the art, and even the player interactions!

Krista Griffiths, The Cardboard Cantina

So much in such a little box! The nav tool pieces are pretty amazing!

Brody Sheard, Meeple Mountain

It's fast, it's fun. It's just a fun game to play!

William Reese, Trueflight Silverwing

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