Dungeon Drop

Instant Dungeon...  Infinite Possibilities!

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Prepare Yourselves!

Gather your gear and prepare to dive into the labyrinth! Teeming with untold treasure, the tunnels are said to be inhabited by unusual creatures, both adorable and terrible. Keep your wits about you as the very walls shift in the torchlight...

...it's time to drop into the dungeon!

How To Play and Reviews

English Rulebook

This is the latest English rulebook for Dungeon Drop.

FAQ and Errata

The latest FAQ and Errata can be found on BoardGameGeek.

Non-English Downloads

Localized (non-English) rulebooks and other documents can be found on BoardGameGeek. These are unofficial, fan-translated, or 3rd party rules, provided free-of-charge.

Solo Spelunker Mode

Dungeon Drop features a tremendously deep solo gameplay mode that creates a uniquely authentic "rogue-like" experience on the tabletop!

English Solo Spelunker Rulebook

This is the latest English rulebook for the Dungeon Drop Solo Spelunker mode.


I just really love this game! It’s light, it’s quick, it’s kinetic, it has energy. It’s just joyful to play. It is my #2 (Family Game of the Year)!

Suzanne Sheldon, The Dice Tower

This is such a fun, sweet, fast, little, charming party or family game.

Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

I really, really love this. It's such a brilliant idea!

Tom Heath, Slickerdrips

Dungeon Drop introduces this really clever concept of just pulling cubes out, dropping them on the table, and then based on wherever they randomly laid out the colors of the cubes will determine how you build your dungeon.

Will Meadows, Tantrum House

This is one of those "I wish I thought of that" games!

Emerson Matsuuchi (Century Spice Road, Reef)

I recently took this with me to BoardGameGeek Con, and I played it with a bunch of people and everybody loved it. And everybody who watched us play loved it too, and wanted to play.

Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

This game is amazing!

Krista Griffiths, Geek Girl Project

Dungeon Drop is so much fun! Way more fun than it has any right to be.

Pedro Dias, Play It Yourself

It's a very cool and approachable concept for a dungeon crawl scenario. Really fun.

Will Meadows, Tantrum House

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