Grand (re)opening! - Phase Shift Games

Grand (re)opening!

We're back!

Well, we didn't exactly go far...  but we did need to temporarily take down our US store while we moved all our inventory between warehouses. With that move successfully behind us, we've re-enabled our online store as of today!

What else is new?

We've got quite a lot of pokers in the fire! Here's some quick snapshots for you...

New website: In addition to re-opening our US store, we also launched a new website earlier today. This site is very clean and structured, something we intend to maintain moving forward. With the new Content Management System under the hood, we'll be able to more easily make necessary changes to the site and add new game spotlight pages and details on the fly. We still have some sprucing up to do, but overall this is very exciting!

GenCon: GenCon is right around the corner, and we look forward to showing off and demoing Drop Drive the entire weekend, as well as demoing and selling Dungeon Drop, of course. We will also have some nifty new prototypes in the First Exposure Playtest Hall, so if you're headed to Indiana this August be sure to check out our previews of Slopeside and Aetherspire!

Drop Drive manufacturing: This project has been HUGE...  too huge in fact. That said, what will come out the other side is short of incredible! We should be in full swing with our manufacturer within days, and then we can start the final logistics side of things. Our Fulfillment Status page is up to date, so you can always check there if you want to see what stage we're in.

Flutter game development: We are 95% done with game dev, and we're just about to select our manufacturer for the project. Stay tuned for more to come on this very soon, including a very special announcement about a critical achievement!

Official News blog: This very post marks the first official news/blog post on our site, so this is also something else we're proud to finally kick off! Be sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date with all our zany antics!

That should do it for now. Super stoked for our future, and we're so happy you are joining us on the journey! Cheers!!

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