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Tavern Tales: Legends of Dungeon Drop - Phase Shift Games

Tavern Tales

A standalone card game featuring the heroes, monsters, and treasure you know and love from Dungeon Drop!

Join us in the tavern... where stories become legends!

Tavern Tales plays over a variable number of rounds. In each round, players take turns as follows:

STEP 1: Using your hand of hero cards, stake your claim. Select one of the locations in play and identify which treasures you claim to have found or how many monsters you slayed there.

STEP 2: Dispute your companions. Other players may now use their hand of hero cards to dispute your claim and attempt to take the glory for themselves.

STEP 3: Turn your stories into legends. After a bit of one-upping and strategic bluffing, a final victor for the claim is declared. That player collects the disputed treasure or monster cards and score points based on how many of those identical cards they have previously collected. Through this set collection aspect, players are incentivized to remain in the lead on one or several types of claims in order to prevail.

The game ends when one player has achieved enough fame to become the most renowned hero of epic legends!

  • Complete your Dungeon Drop story
  • Standalone game that picks up where Dungeon Drop leaves off
  • Features familiar heroes, monsters, treasure, and locations
  • Set collection meets subtle bluffing and push your luck
  • Mechanics

    • Set collection
    • Hand management
    • Bluffing
    • Push-your-luck
    • Trick-taking
  • Awards and achievements

    • "It's a fun twist on trick taking! It's so, so good!" --Kyle McCarley, The Board & Barrel
    • "A quick, fun push-your-luck set collecting adventure!" --Simon Lavender, Amass Games
  • If players like...

    • Sheriff of Nottingham
    • Bluffing or party games with a bit more meat to them
    • Trick-taking games with a twist

    ...then they will love Tavern Tales

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