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Flutter - Phase Shift Games


A strategic tile-laying game that sets your heart a Flutter.

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  • SKU: PSG601
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  • Country of Origin: China
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Grow a Meadow of Wings & Pollen

Flutter is a strategic tile-laying strategy game for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, and it takes about 30 minutes to play. Players take turns laying tiles of varying shapes, earning petal tokens for matching flower petals in each corner. As the game progresses, players will spend those petal tokens when they enclose a previously laid tile, supplying the tile's pollinator with all the flowers it needs, earning pollen. Once a single stack of tiles in the supply rondel has been emptied, the player with most pollen is the winner!

  • Strategic tile laying, with unique geometric shapes.
  • Novel use of a rondel in a tile laying game.
  • Eco-friendly: All paper and wood components, in all versions of Flutter, are made using 100% FSC-compliant (Forest Stewardship Council) materials.
  • Mechanics

    • Tile laying
    • Open drafting
    • Rondel
    • Enclosure
  • Awards and achievements

    • Mom's Choice Awards - Gold
    • FSC-Compliant
  • If players like...

    • Azul
    • Sagrada
    • Kingdomino
    • Carcassonne
    • Lanterns

    ...then they will love Flutter

Game highlights

Select a tile

Rotate the sun and then select a meadow tile from the rondel

Place your tile in the meadow

Place your tile in any orientation in the meadow, gaining petals for matching flowers, paying for mismatched flowers, and earning pollen for enclosing tiles

Place your bee

Place your bee token on a tile to earn bonus pollen when that tile is enclosed

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