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Spiel Essen is just around the corner!

We can't wait to release Drop Drive at Spiel Essen this year!

Two quick things about Essen:
  1. We will be offering Essen pickup for your Drop Drive pledges! If you plan to attend and would like to collect your pledge, please reach out to me at support@phaseshiftgames.com, so I can add you to the local pickup list. Note that there is no change to shipping costs (even though we need to pay much more to air lift these copies to Essen straight from our manufacturer). 
  2. We also need extra booth workers/demoers. We pay 20eur/hour, and we would require verifiable references for other demo work you've done. Passion for our titles, such as Dungeon Drop, is a major plus 😉The amount of hours can be flexible, but I would expect a minimum of 6 to 9 hours spread across the con. Please reach out to me via support@phaseshiftgames.com if you're interested.
That's all for now folks. Enjoy the coming of fall!
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